Monday, February 11, 2008

My Bloated Friends List

Reading the blogs of my friends is fun. So I decided that I would go through all of my facebook friends to find out who has one and subscribe to it. As I was doing so I came across numerous people that made me think "I don't even care if this person has one, because I don't really care about learning what is going on in their life." That is sad, but the honest truth. I am thinking maybe it is time to par down my friends list a little bit.

How do you keep your friends list from exploding out of control? Or are you like me, with a few 100 people on your list that you can't place.

On a side note, there is a girl in my class who is completely hopped up on pain meds, trying to give a presentation. I can't even look at her without wanting to laugh. I am a cruel cruel person.


Tyler said...

i'm glad i'm not on facebook anymore to find out you're gonna delete me as your friend. at least this way i'm content in my ignorance.

Jenna said...

Ty-24 Hour Film Festival has bonded us together forever. I would never delete you.

amberdawn said...

Oh wow. That post just made my entire day because I think I laughed louder than I have all day long... and it was really, really loud!

Jenna said...

Ambs-I am glad that you found the fact that I am a cold uncaring person humorous.

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