Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo Break

Ugh. I have been reading "The Crossing" for almost 5 hours now, and I am only about halfway through. I must continue trudging forwards, I am supposed to be able to stand up in front of my annoyingly brilliant class and pretend like I have some idea of what I am speaking about. I have lately been attempting to not do my homework on Sunday, but I still have a presentation to prepare, an article review to write, 45 pages to read for Brit Lit, and I have to attempt to finish Henry V for Shakespeare. Top that all of with the 2 midterms I have within the next week and call it good.

To keep myself from spontaneously combustion due to lack of relaxation in life, I like to take breaks and check out what my favorite photographers have been posting lately. Here is a little eye candy that I have been enjoying.

Blogger will NOT let me load these photos directly, so you are going to have to click and load. So sorry! But I tried to pick extra gorgeous pictures to make it worth the effort.


Johnathan Canlas

Lindsay Jane

Art of Love

Marisa Holmes Photography

Dan Cripps Photography

Anne Ruthman Photography


amberdawn said...

I love the picture of the cute couple kissing against the brick wall!! So cute!! Did you see the results on the photography contest? Don't even worry cause Trace and I got in the top three! Thanks to you. Check it out. Our names are on the blog! Send me some more of those. They are fun to enter.

Jenna said...

I am so excited that she liked your entry! You should post it on your blog, I will keep sending those links to you! Are you thinking you might go with her as your photographer?

Who links to me?