Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me (And I Got No Privacy)

Google is amazingly talented at finding ridiculous ways for me to waste my time. First they show me Google Reader, which provides me with the ability to subscribe to hundreds of blogs, with nary the time to begin to attempt to read them. Their newest endeavor, Google Maps Street View, apparently involves them driving all of the streets in the United States with a 360 degree camera. They have even said that they one day hope to include all of the streets in the ENTIRE WORLD. I am sure this has been around for awhile not, but it is new and exciting to me because I can look at my own apartment! And my boyfriends house! And my school! I can spy on myself!

This is where I live. I drive my car down that little ramp to park. Sometimes it is covered with ice and I become a little bit afraid.
This is where Swayzie lives! Pretty isn't it?

This is where I get off of the bus every day, and where I will be boarding the 9:57 pm bus home in exactly 2 hours. I never miss this bus. Although sometimes I have to run for it, which is sadly, very nerdy, but often necessary.


krystind said...

dang girl you live in a nice apartment...

Jenna said...

Krys-Grazie, I like it quite a bit myself. Is your house up?

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