Friday, February 01, 2008

Slushy Bum

I fell down today in the snow. This actually happens quite frequently to me. I have been trying to understand how I can fall down so often, and how most other people fall down, well, never. I dropped my banana and bruised it in the process. This was sad because every bite only served to remind me of the embarrassment of falling down while walking to class during the 10 minute break between classes.

Would anyone like to help me feel better about myself by assuring me that they have fallen down too?


lindsaypeterson said...

Hi you! I love getting posts too! I remember one snowy night sophmore year Heath and Megs and I were on our way to our class in SLC. I fell in a snow bank on the way to the car and I was quite embarassed. I also had to ride the whole way up there freezing cold and sopping wet. It was funny when I walked into class with my whole left side dripping wet. Um, do you know if there is any way you can get an alert or email when someone posts on your blog? That would make life so much eaiser! Love ya!

amberdawn said...

So i've never fallen in the snow before, but I have fallen down the stairs a number of times. I hope I don't have to ever experience the discomfort of a numb bum due to falling in the snow!!

Jenna said...

linz- you should be able to change your blog setting so that blogger will you send you an email every time you get a new comment. that is what happens for me.

amb-haha. I can't decide which is worse, falling down the stairs or falling in the snow. I have an irrational fear of falling down stairs. When I am moving down them I have to concentrate really hard or else I get really nervous. I am thinking about writing a short story about it actually.

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