Monday, February 04, 2008

Song Request #1:______________

I love this idea that Ariel at Offbeat bride posted! I don't know if I will have a dancefloor at my own wedding, but if you are planning on doing so (and you aren't too hoity-toity in terms of your invitations) what about getting guests to request their favorite songs for the dance floor when they send back their RSVP cards? The sample she posted looks like this:

Number of guests attending: _____


Song request #1:__________
Song request #2:__________

You would most likely have to edit down the list (You know someone is going to request the Beastie Boys or something (which I must add is fine if you really want that at your reception, I know I WOULD NOT)), but you could go onto Itunes and download all of the songs that you want and let your ipod be your DJ, and you know that for every song at least one other person will be dancing with you because they requested it!

I love this idea because it gives guests a chance to really feel like they are a part of your wedding. You didn't invite them just for a gift, you really want them to enjoy the party you are throwing!


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i thought this was a great idea too! i'm thinking of at least having song request forms on the tables at the reception.

Jenna said...

Elizabeth-Thanks for visiting! I added your feed to my reader, so I will be keeping up with your posts!

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