Thursday, January 03, 2008

Special Christmas Delivery

It wasn't a stork that brought her, Santa did. The Canon G9. Her name is Pia and she is so beautiful that these pictures don't even begin to do her justice. She has unfortunately made me realize how little I actually know about photography.

I certainly can't do anything with her, but I found a few pictures from timwill photography that will give you an idea of what she can do.

The following are a few of my sad attempts to use her thus far. I am posting these images raw, *gasp* no photoshopping. It's a big step for me, but maybe I will be able to start taking pictures that are pretty to look at even before I work some photoshop magic. I really need a child or a small animal to practice on, I like taking pictures of living subjects.

Documenting the pink hair. Look closely and you will she why Shay is a punk rocker with flowers in her hair.

Off for a rocking day of snowmobiling.

Learning to use the macro and attempting to play with the white balance. This keychain is the kind of thing that hangs in the farm pickup I drive around when I visit home.

Working with the color replace function. Everything is black and white except the skin. Like photoshopping "in camera". wwwooooooowwwwwww

Yay for my new baby!

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amberdawn said...

I love the new camera! I got the cannon digital rebel xti for Christmas and I think Trace loves it more than I do, but I really do love it a lot! Do you still want to take our engagement pics? And by you, I mean Shay!!

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