Monday, January 21, 2008

The Beginning-Bride Power

I decided recently that since I now have 2 close friends getting married (Amber and Shelly), and a few others who seem like they are getting close, I am going to truly reveal the extent of my wedding madness to all of you.

"Hello, my name is Jenna, and I am a Weddingholic."

Using Google Reader I subscribe to 35 different wedding related blogs, and also to the blogs of almost as many wedding photographers. If I am not studying, eating, or sleeping I am trying to find time to feed my obsession. I have lots of fun things saved on my computer, websites bookmarked, and blog posts starred, and I am going to start sharing them now. I plan on taking all of the interesting and useful things that I learn from these blogs and posting them here (in hopes that not only my friends can use them, but I will be able to sometime in the near future).

The first site I am going to share is called "Bride Power". A gem of a site where they showcase and sell designer gowns at drastically reduced prices. Check out the Mega Markdowns section where gowns originally $4000 are selling for $400.

This dress is only $200!

I really love this dress, with it's one point bustle in back, cloth covered buttons, and the cute little folded band at the top.

And so it begins....


Tyler said...

so what you're saying is this is a full-fledged obsession, not just something to pass the time during folklore? ;)

amberdawn said...

I think this is the greatest idea you have had all year! Keep them coming!!! I love it!

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