Friday, January 04, 2008

Fall Semester 2007 Grades and.... The Greatest News!

Grades are in!
Although it isn't everything I wanted (everything I wanted being nothing lower than an A-), this was still the semester where I earned my highest college GPA ever!

Dante's Divine Comedy=A-
English Grammar=B
Fundamentals of Literary Interpretation=A-
English Novel=A
Creative Writing=A

The first three classes, the ones that I did the worst in, were all in the morning, and the last three were all in the afternoon after 1. Maybe there is a little bit of a correlation between my grades and the time the class is? Haha, not very likely, I think it is more like the last 3 were my funnest classes!

I am excited/apprehensive for the new semester to start, I think that I can make my goal of the lowest grade as an A- this semester. I am just not that great at grammar, and no matter how hard I worked I don't think it was possible for me to take 18 credits and get an A in that class

This winter I am taking:

Italian 201 (If it feels like I have been taking Italian forever, it's because I have. I keep failing it and having to retake it. But that was the old Jenna. The new Jenna would never do something like that.)
British Literary History 1
British Literary History 2
Christian History (with the greatest religion professor of all time, Alonzo Gaskill)
Movie Madness: A Psychological Approach to Film and Literature

The last class, Movie Madness, is my "fun" class for the semester, and I am still not sure that it is the class I would like to take. I think I would much rather take a story on writing fiction or writing creative non-fiction. I am unwilling to switch out of any of my other classes to make room for a fun class during those times and so my options are really limited. I will just have to keep checking back over and over to see if any spots open up.

For the best news yet, I just realized that I don't have to take 18 credits my last semester, only 15! Such a relief I can hardly believe it! This is seriously the biggest weight off of my shoulders. Woohoooooooo!


Kelli Nicole Photography said...

Oh! You have Gaskill! I'm jealous. Remember all our sleepless nights freshman year because of him? I'm sure the new Jenna would never do that...

amberdawn said...

Yay for school and the new semester! Your classes sound really smart! I wish mine did! I am taking how to teach: social studies, science, literacy, health, etc. Maybe i'll drop in on the movie class sometime! It would be fun I think. When can I come by your apartment and see you all. I need to inform the girls of my news, if you haven't already! Let's make it sometime this week. Let me know when you're going to be home cause we can officially start planning my wedding!!

Patricia Gordillo Serrano said...

Stimati Jenna:

Vi invito affettuosamente a visitare il mio foglio o pagina in Internet dove troveranno i miei romanza e le mie poesie

Penso che per me possa essere molto importante leggere e lasciare il loro pensiero o interpretazioni sulle stessi poesie.


Patricia Gordillo

Córdoba - Argentina

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