Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Finalized Class Schedule

I have a complete class schedule. It is finalized. I am not changing it. I can only think of 3 things that you could offer me in the entire world that would be enticing enough to get me to switch any of these classes. But I won't tell you what those things are because I want to keep this schedule.

This was my old schedule:

Italian 201

British Literary History 1

British Literary History 2


Christian History

Movie Madness: A Psychological Approach to Film and Literature

Here is my new schedule:

Italian 201
British Literary History 2 (Yes I am going to take 1 before I take 2, but I don't it's ABSOLUTELY essential that you take 1 before 2. Although I can tell already that it would be helpful)
American Authors: Cormac McCarthy (A crazy crazy choice, but it fills a requirement, and now that the movie No Country For Old Men is coming out, people will be talking about him all over the place)
LDS History: 1901-Present (Still a little nervous about this one, but we talked about Lorenzo Snow today and it was the COOLEST history lesson. He did some pretty amazing stuff. Like drowned and came back to life again. Never felt the effects of age. And saw the Savior in the SLC temple. I love him.)
Myths, Legends, and Folktales (Another Folklore class with a professors that encourages creativity, meaning the possibility of an opportunity to make another documentary is very high. I am so excited!)

On a side note, while I was sitting here in the library, this guy came up to my new friend Sean sitting at the table with me and told him how he got in trouble for telling someone about a website that BYU is developing that hasn't been approved by President Tanner and President Samuelson yet. It's the BYU version of where all of the student ratings for each of the professors are available. Sean was nice enough to invite me over to his side of the table and let me look up some of my professors. Funnest game ever! I think I will add "please encourage President Samuelson to approve the ratings website" to my nightly prayers.

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amberdawn said...

The first week of school is always crazy as you try to finalize your schedule, buy your books, change your schedule, take back your books... you know... I just love it. I am so glad that your schedule has a lot of writing in it. Blogging is a great way to write!! And tell me this website!! Oh!!! And more wedding things, please!!

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