Sunday, January 27, 2008

Temple Ready? Why Thank You Jasmine!

I was reading this letter that Manolo for the Brides wrote regarding the lack of sleeved gowns in the bridal industry, when one of the commenter's posted a link to Jasmine Bridal regarding the option to make gowns Temple Ready! Yes, a large scale designer is giving brides the option to customize their gowns to make them temple ready. I don't like ANY of the gowns, but I think it's a good first step. It would be great if more designers would realize that not everyone wants to walk down the aisle in a sleeveless gown. (Well I won't really "walk down the aisle" really, but you get the idea.) I have no idea how much Jasmine gowns cost, I hate when they won't put pricing information online!


amberdawn said...

Seriously!! Don't they know that we have morals and values... and commandments?!?! Thank you for posting this one. I am going dress shopping this Friday. I am determined to find something. I have some ideas in mind. And yes, I still love that... whatever it's called that you put under your dress that is a solid color. I am trying to convince Heather it's a good idea. Any suggestions? What do you think about Sun River Gardens?

Anonymous said...

Have you checked there are some really cute modest dresses.

One Love Photo said...

I like what this client of mine did to make her dress Temple ready...Check out how cute she is!

Jenna said...

Amber-It's called a crinoline. And I want to see more pictures of Sun River Gardens! I don't think that the crinoline seems like "Heather", but I did tell my Visiting Teacher about it, and I am trying to convince her to do it!

Anon-Thanks for the link. Some of those would work really great as Bridesmaid dresses
(Can anyone tell me why Bridesmaid dresses need to cost $200-$300?????)

Heather-This is the bride that you made that really amazing mixed-media collage for, she is absolutely adorable. I love when brides find ways to make their dress modest without it looking like they put a tshirt underneath their dress.

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