Thursday, January 17, 2008

We can still hear you....

Sometimes when I am stressed, I need a music break. Usually involving lots of guitar and drums, other times a quick shot of "Confessions on a Dance Floor."

I just got shushed twice. By the same guy. My ipod was only at half volume the second time. I really couldn't have been that loud. I rolled my eyes at him the second time he came over to ask me.

After 4 straight hours of Italian Worksheet Inferno I didn't really care if his supersonic hearing was preventing him from studying effectively. Yes I am not going to admit that I was the problem. Mostly because I believe that if you are that easily distracted you should bring some headphones yourself. Or study in one of the back corners of the first floor, near the maps. No one ever studies there.

If you want me to turn my headphones down, here is my response to you.

1. Move somewhere else (my music is not bothering me, do I really need to be the one who moves?)

2. Go talk to library security. At least I will get 5 minutes of peace while you are off tattling on the girl with All American Rejects playing on the first floor.

3. Get a petition from everyone else in a 5 desk vicinity. If they all agree that my music is too loud, I will happily turn it down. Otherwise you may want to pursue some kind of profession which will enable you to make good use of this sound related talent you have. Like joining search parties for lost children in the mountains. Plenty of boy scouts are getting lost in Utah all the time, you could be one of those people that call out a name and then wait for a feeble reply. Your ultra-sensitive hearing should be quite effective in recovering people. And instead of being annoying, you will be annointed as a hero. Which is a much better thing to be after all.

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amberdawn said...

Ha ha ha... I really don't like people like you. Seriously... a library is used for studying!!! Just kidding. I never study at the library because I find it way too distracting. So I would encourage you to continue listening, and by all means... crank it up!!

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