Monday, January 14, 2008

Book of Mormon Challenge

Our Bishop extended the ward the challenge to read the entire Book of Mormon by the end of the semester. Which goes alone perfectly with what I had already committed to do. It will be helpful to know that there are so many people around me struggling to find the time to commit to reading 5.5 pages a day so that they can all achieve this great goal our ward has. I think that I am going to try to read extra pages on the weekends and give myself a little bit lighter load when I am already so exhausted on the weekdays. I am trying to use my manuals from Brother Parker's religion class and really try to get new insights each time that I read. It's a good feeling :)

Oh, and it is helpful that I started reading the BOM over again at the beginning of this year, meaning I am actually a few pages ahead of the 5.5 pages a day. I don't think that buffer will last long though.

School is just sucker-punching me in the face. Daily.

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