Saturday, January 12, 2008

Convergence-24 Hour Film Marathon

I participated in the LDS Film Festival 24 Hour Marathon yesterday. At 10 AM Friday my team (consisting of Tyler Winterton, Tyson Pyle, Cory Latshcowski, and myself) received a theme, an item that must be included, and a phrase. The film must be turned in 24 hours later. This is what we came up with. What do you think? Do we have any chance of winning? :)


amberdawn said...

Jenna! You're a freaking movie star!! I mostly loved the part at the end where you looked into each other's eyes as your ripped off the bandaids... so romantic!! Let me know how you do!!

Barney Lund said...

Pretty cool little video. Nice job. Is that Tyler playing the guitar?

Jenna said...

barney-It is Tyler playing the guitar. Isn't he a stud?

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