Friday, January 25, 2008

Princess Consuela Bannanahammock

This is a little bit premature for my little engaged friends, but I thought you might like to know how you should go about getting your name changed. This tip is brought to you by Mrs. Bee from Weddingbee.

1) Marriage Certificate - You can request copies via mail, but I went down to the City Clerk’s office and picked up 3 copies of my marriage certificate in person. I ended up only needing one (for my passport) because the DMV and the social security office returned my certificate after looking at it. It’s $15 for the first certificate, and $10 for each additional certificate - they only accept money orders or cashiers checks as payment. I was in and out of there within 20 minutes with certificates in hand.

2) Driver’s License - With this completed form and my marriage certificate, I headed to the DMV where it took me 3 long hours to take a picture and get my new driver’s license. One thing I completely forgot to do was practice signing my new name for my license! The cost - $10.

3) Social Security Office - You can mail in this completed form, your marriage certificate and your passport or driver’s license (which will be returned to you) to get a new social security card. I knew the wait wouldn’t be that long in our local office, so I went in person and was in and out of there within 20 minutes. The card should arrive within the next week or two.

4) Passport - Because I renewed my passport less than a year ago, I can get a new passport without any additional fees. Here are more details on that here, and the regular process to get a new passport via mail. It costs $67 for a new passport and an additional $60 for an expedited fee.

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One Love Photo said...

Because of all of the above I have not yet changed my name (2 YEARS LATER) and now I am re-thinkng the whole thing, Sometimes I add Almeda on the extra last name..that's not so bad? Thanks for the listing on your roll! I'll be back to read more later I am off to a shoot!

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