Thursday, July 15, 2004

Today is Thursday

I am getting a new phone. It is going to be either the Samsung X426, or a Motorola T721. Either one would be good. I will go wait in the 3 hour line at the AT&T store today, and see what is up over there.

Mcdonalds is getting a sleek new look, see here.

I was finally able to snag the Intro to Women's Studies course that I wanted to get. Now all I have left to get into is History of Creativity. I will end up having 16.5 credits, and I will be taking History of Creativing, Intro to Womens Studies, Women's Studies Colloquim, Physical Science, American Sign Language, and Essentials of Human Nutrition. If I can get into a good time I would like to take Social Dance Intermediate, but I am not going to do it if I feel like the load is going to be too heavy.

Got my letter of reccomendation from my boss, it was very nice. Other than my family, the only thing I am going to miss up here is my job. Its the best part of my day.

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