Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Last night I slept 12 hours.

I saw A Cinderella Story last night. Not by choice, believe me. A bunch of my girlfriends from high school got together and went to see it. It was absolutely one of the cheesiest movies I have ever seen. Of course it will become a staple for a bunch of pre-teen girls. They love that stuff.

Never did get ahold of the Gold's Gym guy yesterday. I am going to be calling him later today, hopefully he is not getting annoyed by me, but I would kill for this job. Speaking of killing I ran over a bunny today. It made my heart beat really fast, and I was so sad.

Got a letter from a missionary I didnt know yesterday. He is the companion to a guy I met at BYU, Allan, who is in Poland. We will see what happens there. Usually things like this dont turn out well because guys who write girls they dont know are usually weirdos. But Allan is a cool guy, and I am hoping that he would be good enough to only give out my address to young men worthy of my presence.
Tested my writing style online and I came out MALE every time. What does this mean? Am I a male trapped in a females body? I think porbably I just have a domineering personality, compared to the apologetic nature of many females.

The 2004 Dubble Bubble Contest Finalists Have Been Announced. When one of the girls Kelsey, was interviewed, she stated that its all in the chewing. You need to chew a piece of gum for 10 to 15 mnutes to be able to blow the best bubble.

Poor George. He just cant do anything right. Nate Weir signed me up for John Kerry's campaign emails once, and I cant block them. I hate them.

Website of the Day-Snopes. Heard anything fishy lately? Things like Neil Armstrong messing up his famous statement, Bush using the word "feces" instead of fetus, or what about the one that involves a young girl swallowing ocean water and later giving birth to an octopus?

Song of the Day- Headstrong
Artist- Trapt
Tagline- I see right through you, you "gold-digger".
Sum it up in 50 words or less- She wants his money, she tries to pretend to be something she is not, he sees right through it.
Crazy fact- Despite the trend that most rock groups seem to set, the lead singer of Trapt is hot. Very hot.
Rating-7 out of 10

Tested my writing style for this blog.
Words: 418
Female Score: 646
Male Score: 617

The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!

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