Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Picture in my Profile

I am finally getting visitors. What a great feeling that is. Feel free to keep spreading the word about my site, sign my guestbook, and I will drop on over to yours. I am wondering if anyone could give me a detailed description on how to post my picture on my profile. I can't figure out that URL thing, it just makes no sense to me. Don't mistake this for a dumb-blonde cry for help though. I have done my research, but HTML is tricky yknow? I know that there has to be someone out there who can give me a push in the right direction.

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J. Francis said...

In reguards to setting up a picture for your profile, basically Blogger is asking for the address (URL) of a picture already posted on the internet somewhere (whether it be from an entry in your own blog or hosted somewhere on another site somewhere) for them to link to.

What you do is right click the photo that is already on the internet, that you wish to display in your profile, and chose the properties option (should be the last option at bottom of the box). Once inside the image properties, drag the mouse over it's address holing the left button down to highlight the address /location (URL) of the image, then right click the highlighted address, and choose the copy option. For example the address to the first photo you posted in your blog is: http://photos1.blogger.com/img/110/1243/200/Photo_062504_010.jpg

Now you want to go into your Blogger dashboard and edit your profile. Once there you right click inside the box asking for photo URL and choose the paste option to paste the address of the photo inside the box. Save your profile and that should do it. You should then see your photo displayed in all it's glory for the whole net to see.

Sorry, I know those aren't the most eliquent instructions, but then I only pretend to be a manual writer on the internet.

By the way, in case you are wondering, I randomly noticed your blog yesterday. Your blog happened to be in the recently updated list. Nice start, you caught my attention, I love to read the blogs of people just starting out blogging. You're doing quite well so far, the fact that you regularly post means you already got one thing on me - not to mention once you build an audience, which I'm sure you will quickly, you'll have everything on me. And I'm totally envious of your Zire.

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