Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Moving out, oh yeah!

Its official. I am moving out 3 weeks from the present day. I feel like dancing around the room, but right now it would be more of a limpy dance. That doesnt matter though. I found a place to live and it is......right in apartment 17 in King Henry, which is where my contract is for fall and winter. This is a definite bonus because then I will get to settle into a room and not move out a month after I move in, I hate moving all my things. Everything is going so great for me, besides the fact that I cant go to Lake Powell. I didnt tell my boss today because he wasnt very talkative and he got on his cell phone the minute he walked in the door. I did sign someone up today at the gym, which means I can give myself $35 extra for commission. Today is a good day.

Got my mom a b-day present. A gift certificate for Florist in the Garden should do it. Very appropriate for someone who is re-landscaping her yard.

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