Thursday, July 22, 2004

My Immortal

Yesterday my family went water-skiing, and we had some pretty good wrecks. I think I will pull some stills from the video and post them on here. When I have time for that of course. My schedule is so packed, I am not sure when I am ever going to squeeze that in. I get my hair done today, I am going for lots of blonde streaks. Tommorow is my last day of work, their is a weddign reception at my house, and a party out at Goose. No alchohol involved in case you were all wondering. Saturday morning we are getting up early to go over to Seattle to hit up Nordstrom's anniversary sale. Dinner on the pier at Ivars, and the Mariners game at 7:30. They are playing ANA, is that Anaheim? This is not an attemptt to be a ditzy blonde, I just pay no attention to sports. I am feeling a little angry because not only amI missing the Lake Powell trip for this reunion, but Phantom Planet and Hoobastank will be in concert in Seattle that very night. I despise conflicts of interest. I get home Sunday, have a derm apt Monday, and I leave Tuesday morning. I have to pack my disaster of a room all before that time. That room is goign to be another picture that gets posted as well, it is something to behold.

I read a post over at the Wump Blog about rating blogs, what makes a good blog, etc. It was talking specifically about mormon blogs, but I think the general message can apply to everyone. It got me thinking about my own, and I wondered if I was going in the wrong direction. Right now I struggle a little bit, having a hard time to think of stuff to write about, but I am hoping that things will change a little bit once I get down to Provo. I have heard stories about what other colleges are like, drinking, partying, the walk of shame, etc. We don't have that at BYU, but there are still alot of ideas about what BYU is like, and I am hoping to give my readers a taste of what it is like there. Partly in hopes that girls like my cousin Aubree will realize its a great place to go to school. Aub if you read this I love you and I think you should just give it a chance! I think that the best chance I have of being succesful in the blogging world is to make sure that I am either very unique or slightly specific (vauge I know but it makes sense to me).
In a shameless ploy to garner more readers I will now introduce Blog of the Day. I just love the little features I do. I know that I am always flattered when I see my name mentioned in someone elses blog. Seen here, here(found under "We're loved, even though we swear"), and here. So I thought I would just return the favor. I would love suggestions for good blogs if you have them. I would always love suggestions about anything.

Blog of the Day-No Toilet Bowl Kisses
Run by-Lyndsay
Subject-Online journal focused on life as a single mormon.
Tagline- Lyndsay. 24. Arizona. Mormon. Single. One dog. Hates cats. English speaking. Weekend dancer. Caffeine Free. Passionate. Inappropriate. Happy. Intro/Extrovert. Practical Romantic. Anal. Spiritual. Aspiring Engineer/Photographer.
My favorite entry-The one that talks about her encounters with men in thongs. I laughed at the first jogger story, I am sure that was something she wants to remember forever.
Website of the Day-So You Wanna? Learn how to do everything from moving out of your apartment to becoming a comic book artist. Today I read about how to use Feng Shui in my new apartment. I am not really sure that I have enough money to worry about Feng Shui. I will live in a North facing apartment that isnt in the Dragon's Heart if that is what I can afford. 

Song of the Day-My Immortal
Tagline-I gave you my everything, how could you ever leave me like this?
Sum it up in 50 words or less-She gave everything to him "wiping his tears", "fighting his fears" and holding his hand "through all of these years", now he is gone (dead) and she is having a hard time living without him. This song is one of my favorites, beautiful and haunting.
Rating- 10 out of 10.
Check out the "Everybody's Fool" video. Its about selling yourself out, something everyone should avoid.

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