Friday, July 02, 2004

2 Months Left

Summer is finally halfway over and I have never been happier for it to end. When I go to sleep at night I have to force myself not to think about the end of August because I just get way too excited and I cant even sleep. Kind of like when I was a little kid and it was Christmas Eve and it took me so long to fall asleep because I just wanted to to be the next morning so I could open my presents. Time always goes so slow when you are waiting for something, and so fast when you dont want something to come. My sister is at EFY right now and my parents are at my cousins wedding so I have the house all to myself for 3 days. As a high school student this was always my dream. Being all alone meant I could do whatever I want, have people over if I wanted too, etc etc. Now that I am the boring person that I am, I get excited about having the house to myself so that I can sleep for hours at a time and watch movies all night. I have PVR'd ever decent movie for the last few weeks, and our hard drive for the dish is completely full now. I watched Gigi and Casablanca last night. Loved both, especially Gigi. Sometimes in during musicals I just want the song to be over so that the plot can get going, but I didnt feel that way with Gigi. Plus I am a true romantic and love any great love story.
While on the topic of film, I have decided that a major/minor in film is not for me. This is a hard decision for me, as my love for film has only grown over the past year. I read reviews, search IMDB and try to spend every spare minute watching as many movies as I can. I analyze everything,find that I cant take it all in the first time, and so I want to watch every movie again and again. Lately I have become obsessed with movie channels like AMC, TCM, and Fox Movies. I devour anything to do with Old Hollywood, in the last 2 weeks I have watched Singing in the Rain, An American in Paris, Gigi, Casablanca, The Grapes of Wrath, and I am sure there are others. Leslie Caron is amazing, she started acting in movies in the 50's and is still acting today. That is so impressive. Back to the original point of this paragraph, I decided that I am not going to pursue film, academically at least, because I would have to go to college for at least an extra year. Not only do I worry about the strain that would put on my own budget, but odds are that I will be married some time before then and I want to graduate from college.
As of today, which might not mean anything since I seem to change my mind as well as my classes daily, I am a Physical Education major with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness as well as a minor in Women's Studies. In high school I never would have seen myself as a PE major, I hated all sports by the time I was a senior, mainly because of the pressure I always felt to play them. For me, the PE major wont lead to playing sports such as basketball all the time, I am going to try and focus my efforts towards nutrition and what it really means to be healthy. I would really like to help women learn how to be healthy and be proud of their bodies, because essentialy that is what I am looking for in my own life. Wow, this is getting deep. Writing on here lets the philosophical side of me come out.
I am going to wrap things up for now, my posts are turning out to be a little long.
Website of the day is Rotten Tomatoes, my favorite film review website. I check it at least once a day, sometimes more, which doesnt make much sense since they only put up new review towards the weekends, but I am crazy like that.
P. S.-A big shoutout to Chuck from He is my favorite person right now because he was the first person to ever post a comment on my blog. Chuck can we be best friends? Visit his site, even though it swears sometimes I still love it.

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Chuck said...

I should know better than to let everyone swear on the website all the time. I'll try to clean up the foul mouth.

We can be best friends, but only if it means slumber parties and braiding each other's hair.

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