Saturday, July 31, 2004

Found Photos and Sons of Mosiah

Tonight I am going up the mountain to watch a movie with a generator, care of Tristin. Then we are going swimming at the Hot Pots, a natural hot water spring thing up the mountain from here. I am hoping to see a few meteor's.

Went to lunch with my roomates Shelly, Amy, and Lizzie today. Guess they are my old roomates now.

Found probably my favorite site of all time today. I was thinking about saving it for blog of the day tommorow, but this is just too good to be kept secret.
Blog of the day-
Whoever runs this stite decided to find peoples pictures using p2p software and post them. I had to make myself stop looking through the archives, some of these are so funny. Everything is very random, and from the 4 pages I looked at it didnt look like there was any porn. Check it out and see if you stumble on any of your own pictures!

Blog of the day-Sons of Mosiah
Run by- Bob and Logan
Favorite Entry-What is your favorite R rated movie?


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