Friday, July 23, 2004

Meant To Live, In Passing, and BBC-Updated

Are big breasts really this important? I for one do not really want my hard earned money going towards PFC or Corporal whats-their-face so that they can use it too enhance their sex appeal.

I got my haircut yesterday, and I would say that Traci did a pretty darn good job. A picture will be posted shortly of me and my bangs in all of their glory.

I have decided to join in the fight againt anti-semitism, in the best way that I see fit. Recently I noticed some blog that had the word Jew, posted over and over in some of their posts. After closer inspection I discovered its because of an issue that google is having when people type the word Jew into their search engine. Here is Google's explanation of the matter. I am hoping that my posting of the word Jew will help in the fight against anti-semitism. I am of Jewish descent myself.

Fact-Those Tickle ads that always pop up on your screen, they are always full of really cute girls. Obviously there is something wrong with their personalities if they are advertising on a site like that becausae they cant find someone. Or maybe girls like that dont actually advertise on that site, and Tickle is hoping that men won't realize that and give them their money anyways. Hmnmmm...I wonder.

I finally got ahold of the Gold's gym guy yesterday, and he said that he had most of his positions filled, but was impressed with the resume packet that I sent him, and would be very interested in meeting with me when I got down there; which I take as a very good sign. My mom advised me not to get my hopes up too high, because she thinks that they might be nervous about hiring me because they havent seen me. I.E. they dont want to hire someone who is overweight/fat etc, because people who sign up for the gym might think that the gym doesnt work. This thought had crossed my mind, and I considered a nice bout of anorexia for the week before, to slim and trim those trouble spots, but the problem is that I really hate the idea of bowing down to them like that. I have seen the girls who work in there, and yeah they are all skinny, but can they even bench press the bar? I think not. I wager I could kick their arses any day. So instead of going in there trying to look as skinny as possible, I will just try my best to look my normal, slightly muscular, confident self. So there.

Website of the Day-BBC-Science and Nature-Human Body and Mind I spent spent an hour taking all of the quizzes and tests featured on thsi site. My favorite were the Senses Challenge, and the What Disgusts You?(prepare to be disgusted by a few pictures on this one) test.

Blog of the Day-In Passing
Run by- Eve S. Dropper
Subject-A hillarious and sometimes poignant collection of things seen and overheard on a daily basis
Tagline-Each entry here is the snippet of someone's story, a two second window into someone else's life. So read the page. Laugh a little, shake your head, or just sit and think for a moment. Pass through the pages, pass the link onto a friend, or if you'd like, start listening to the people who you pass by... it's all in passing.
My Favorite Entry-20 February 2004

Song of the Day- Meant to Live
Artist- Switchfoot
Tagline- Somewhere we live inside, We were meant to live for so much more
Sum it up in 50 words or less-Are we selling ourselves short in this commercialized-modernized-subsidized-technology laden society? Why don't we all take a step back and try again.
Crazy fact- The song that Mandy Moore sang from "A Walk To Remember" is Switchfoots.
Rating- 7 out of 10

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