Monday, July 12, 2004


I just wrote a nice long post, and explorer decided to shut down and so I lost it all. I will try to recap, and maybe it will just be improved this time.

Someone found my site by typing the words "penguins spend their whole lives" into Yahoo. This would be in reference to the blog about marriage that I wrote, found here. If you have a blog and would like to know who is visiting your site, head on over to Blog Patrol. This free tool lets you know not only how many people are visiting your site, but also how they got there. Its a great way to learn who is linking your site on theirs. A great place for a beginning blogger to go is's weblog section. All kinds of articles talk about HTML and CSS and their are also lists of some other free tools that can be added onto your site.

I just spent the weekend at my Grandma's and it was great. She is so funny. She just bought a brand new Cadillac, a Deville I think, and she is thinking about selling it because she never drives it anywhere other than Walmart. They have a ranch in Oregon, but they drive a pickup down when they go. Think maybe she'll donate that lovely Caddy to me?

I think I am going fishing with Chris after work today. He is going to let me use a pink fly, I am sure I will catch my limit in lightning speed with that sucker. Then my family is going boating at 5, what an awesome day this should be! Shaylene's boyfriend is coming, I am the one who invited him. We talk on MSN now and he is going to let me borrow his pimped out XBOX that has pretty much every game imaginable on it. Not just XBOX platform games, but Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, the old Atari's (remember the game with the alligators and the Crocodile Dundee guy, he has that too!), PS2, I think you get the picture. I am also going to marry his brother Nathan. Hopefully he never reads this, because that might scare him away before I have a chance to catch him.

The number of people visiting my site just keeps dropping lower and lower. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get some publicity, some more visitors. What is so addicting about the desire to have tons of visitors? Its like this big high school popularity contest or something. I hate to be shallow but I want to be part of the in crowd too. Unfortunately at the moment I am just a wannabe.

Website of the Day-Pop Culture Madness. Love this site for its Music Section. If you want to know about top songs from any year, starting way back in 1920, this is the site to visit. They have music news, and cool sections like "Top Oldies of All Time", "Top Remade Hits of All Time",, and one of my personal favorites "Top Girls Night Out Tunes".

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