Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ramblings of the Day

I am hoping that someone can explain to me why there are Super Bowl Ads on TV already. I seriously saw one yesterday night when I was watching "The Simple Life: 2" (a guilty pleasure in my life, there is something about watching Nicole and Paris use the phrase "Thats hot" after every sentence, and make a complete mockery of themselves). Now even though I may not be candidate for ESPN fan of the year, I do at least know that Super Bowl Sunday is sometime right after New Years each year. So I became very confused, wondering if the world of sports had dedcided to mix things up this year or something and move it forward, way way forward. Obviously that is not the case, and I am guessing that advertisers are hoping that people are going to scramble to their calendars and make sure that they have the Super Bowl marked 7 months in advance. This is very confusing for me because I just see this as a big waste of money for whoever was the sponsor of that ad. A little research told me that the average 60-second spot on TV costs $30,000, and I am guessing that that average does not account for 6 month runs. I would think that if they wait until after New Years Day they can reach plenty of people in time for the February 6 Superbowl, in Jacksonville, Fla.

In entertainment news, Britney Spears, the brillian-buxom blonde herself has decided that her love is so "pure" for her dancer-fiance that she does not need a pre-nup agreement. Howard Gensler of the Philadelphia Daily News gives us an article that makes me wonder what Britney is getting out of this relationship?

Engagement, ring-five-carat's, $40,000-paid for by Britney (You may ask why he couldnt even spring for an engagement ring, but since he is paid by Britney it would have been her money anyways)
The couple’s new home on Mulholland Drive-paid for by Britney
Kevin’s salary-paid for by Britney

This may be another attempt to model herself after her proclaimed idol Madonna, who reportedly did not sign one either.

I am very much looking forward to the Provo $1 theatre in 3 weeks. Without anything to do, I think that I am going to watch every movie available while I am down there before school starts. And with 50 cent tuesdays I think I may even be able to afford a double feature, we will see how ambitious I am feeling. I havent seen a movie since Shrek 2 came out. I didnt pay for that either, thanks Heather! Other than Shrek I think it has been since March or so since I have seen anything.

Website of note-Check out the Lileks blog link that I added this morning. This guy has been blogging since 1996! I dont even know if my family owned a computer in 1996. Check out the "Flotsam Project" section, the Institute of official cheer is hilarious.

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