Friday, July 16, 2004

Post #3 for the day

I am just going nuts on the posts today.
Found the internets most annoying web page. Rogers 98 girls if you read this, check out this link. It is right up our alley. Here.
A London museum is trying to pay the energy bills by using its vistors own excrement. Enough said.
Tested my reading speed online. 470 WPM. Nice.
Kim Siever commented that he thinks I should not set my links to open up in new windows. Any opinions on this? I get annoyed by pushing the back button all of the time, but I know that some people dont like having tons of windows open at once, which I do way too often.
Searched for my blog on google using the words "byu blog" (not in parentheses) and went through 29 pages and never found it.
Rant for the day-I have been broswing through tons of blogs, getting kink in my neck from staring at the screen for so long day after day, but thats beside the point. My rant is about the blogs that people have. I understand it is a free country and they can do absolutely anything they want. So I am sure that there are people somewhere who enjoy reading disjointed ramblings with no sign of capitlization, punctuation, or acceptable grammar, I just dont know who or where those people are. Many people will post very long ramblings about their lives that are hard to follow without lots of background information, and then beg and plead for anyone who is reading their posts to make comments and add a link to them on their website. Right, like I am going to refer people to something that is basically a piece of junk. I am not saying that I am a expert in the art of blogging and gaining viewership, but if you surf around blogs, find out about the ones that are popular and well respected, and check those out that you will find that the above mentioned things (capitlization, etc etc) are always present. So here are Jenna's official blogging rules that probably nobody cares about.
1-Do not go on absolutely every blog that you can and post comments like "hi, good blog, oh yeah link to me, comment on mine", or even simply writing "link to me". Also  do not include in every one of your posts that you just want people to leave comments, always commenting on wanting comments is a turnoff. If you want comments write something worth commenting on.
2-Practice good blogging ettiqute. Someon visits your blog, leaves a comment, visit theirs and comment back. If they annoy you, you are free to stop.
3-Use good grammar, throw in some capitilization every now and then, and try and keep your blog clean enough that your mom wouldnt be ashamed that she birthed you if she ever stumbles across it. Also, try breaking things up into paragraphs. It makes for much easier reading.
Another Website for Today-Ever heard of Hot or Not? Who doesnt know about Hot or Not?Admit it, you have posted your picture on their before. Its nothing to be afraid of. Well now they have Blog Hot or Not, which is a good way to get exposure if you are a small beginning blogger like me. Also a good way to search through blogs by interest.

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