Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Just thought I would post and say that I havent give up on this. Thanks to all of my faithful readers, who have been checking back daily. Don't give up hope on me yet! I will be driving down to Provo for the next 3 days, stopping in to see Heather, and I will be up and running on Thursday night. Of course the compter will be the first thing that I set up when I get there, 3 days without it will be torture enough.

The picture is of Shay, Aubree, and I. We are up on Queen Anne's hill, right before we went to church.

Until next time you sensual readers, you. Check back on Friday, I will give you all the details on my drive and tell you if I got some action from Heathers friend Josh.

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