Friday, July 16, 2004

Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer

Blogger redesigned their posting system, which I like for the most part.
Book Reccomendation
I started reading Fast Food Nation last night, and now I cant put it down. I have thouroughly disgusted myself as well as my mom, and we have both vowed to stop eating at fast food restaurants for good. During Winter semester my roomate, Kelly, had to read that book for her English 115 class and used to want to talk to me about it all the time. Now I can inderstand why, for some reason it is really fun to learn all the disgusting and corrupt things about the fast food industry and share them with anyone who will listen. I think the grossest thing so far has been the story about the man who worked in a meat packing factory in the early part of the 20th century. He somehow got knocked into a large vat, turned into lard, and then the lard was sold to unsuspecting consumers. Cannibalism, yuck. The other thing that grossed me out was learning where the pink/red color for many products such as Dannon and Ocean Spray pink-grapefruit juice comes from. The industry takes these little bugs from off a coast somewhere, grounds up them and their larvae, turns it into a fine dust, and puts it into your strawberry yogurt and popsicles. Oh yummy. It works well because the bugs eat some red berries or something. It takes 70,000 bugs to make one pound of the stuff. I try to take everything that I learn from that book with a grain of salt, but I dont think the author was lying. Basically if you want to cure an appetite for fattening, obsesity causing, frozen, dehydrated, processed, chemically engineered fast food, I would reccomend reading this book.
Just discovered SR-71's "1985". Love that song. Click on the link to listen to it on some guys website. It takes a while to load, but I think its worth it. 
It is 5:24 and there is still nobody in the gym. This could be some kind of record, the kind that makes me angry because I feel like I could have slept in an extra half-hour. I could hardly keep my eyes open on the drive here, I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I drove here at 4:30 in the morning with the windows rolled down hoping that I could keep my eyes open long enough to make it here. I am thinking about just curling up on the floor and taking a nap behind the desk until somebody gets here. 
 Went to the doctor yesterday, got my B12 IV, and I didnt even cry. This is a major victory people. My doctor taught me this tapping thing, where you tap your body in different places and say things. Very chessy, but it must have worked in some way.
I am drinking the 16 oz. Rockstar Energy Drink right now.  That should keep me awake. I should hit 1000 hits today thank you faithful readers for promoting me up to such high blogging status.
Website of the Day-A very cool website that I had to write a paper on when applying for the film program. Antenna Design is this website that deals with this amazing technology. It was started by two people with names that are almost impossible to pronounce, Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger, but that can be overlooked because of the things that these two people are attempting to do. Items I reccomend checking out (sorry I cant link to them directly, the website uses frames): The Infoportal and the Accord Lighter found under the Products section, The entire Installation section is fascinating, the kind of thing you expect to see in a Star Wars movie, the 360 concerence room found under the environment section, the websites found under the screen section should also be noted. 
A new addition to my posts is going to be "Song of the Day". When I was younger I always wanted to write a book about what songs mean, and now that I have a blog I have my chance. The way it works is pretty predictable, I will pick a song, even take suggestions on good songs if that should so occur, there will be a few categories with my comments, and then the rest is up to all of you out there.  I would love to hear your opinions on whether I am headed in the right direction. I also might pick a song that really puzzles me, and see if anyone else made anything of it. Here goes.
Song of the Day- (Dedicated to the 95 degree weather we are having here) Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer
Artist-Nat King Cole
Tagline-Work stinks, lets play all day, as well as make out at the drive-in.
Sum it up in 50 words or less-Nat likes it when its warm outside, the only problem is that he gets distracted by the pretty ladies in bikinis at the beach who lay out and tan all day. There are pretzels and beer for sale, and everyone is just so darn happy.
Crazy fact- There was a Gilmore Girls episode dedicated to this song.
Deeper meaning? (If applicable)-Really there is none. Everyone loves summer.
Rating-6 out of 10 (easy to identify with, not quite catchy enough for me)

Song that I dont understand-Mr. Jones by Tom Petty.  Someone please explain this to me.

Also, on the side of my blog, you see the different sections called Some of My Favorite, Mormon Blog Club, and Links. I would like them to line up, but I cant figure out why they arent and how to make them do so. Anyone have any suggestions? 


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