Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ocean Avenue

I know I could never eat this burger.
Do you suffer from Ugly American Syndrome
Good news. I called the Gold's Gym guy, Kirk, that I have been in contact with, and he told me that they have a few! openings right now. Unfortunately he didnt sound very optimistic about my chance getting down there early enough to snatch one up. I was supposed to call him at 2 and try and work things out, stupid me I forgot the time difference and called him at 2 my time, which was 3 down there. Argh. Hopefully I can do some smooth talking and try and seduce him over the phone, enough that the will be willing to do my bidding.
I have officially purchased an Xbox with two controllers and 5 games included (Silent hill 2, True Crime, NHL Hitz,  Pro, Tiger Woods 2004, Fatal Frame), a modchip, and tommorow I should have a 200GB hard drive. All of this was done on Ebay, and I am just praying that I dont get ripped off. Quite a blow to my paycheck, but hopefully there will be great benefits. Heather and I are hoping that our apartment will be a big attraction to the male population of King Henry. Who doesnt want to come over and play Paper Boy, Super Mario Bros, or Dance Dance Revolution all day long?
Website of the Day-Found this on Doug's site.  These are definitely some good ideas for things to do on the weekends.
Song of the Day-Ocean Avenue
Tagline-There’s nothing better than summer love.
Sum it up in 50 words or less-He meets her on vacation, they kiss, they cuddle, they part. Now that its summer again he is missing his old romances.
Crazy fact- They have a classicaly trained violinist in their band, Sean Mackin.
Rating- 8 out of 10.

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