Saturday, July 31, 2004

I'm back

Its me again, and I am here to stay. There shouldnt be any more long vacations from my blogging for awhile.
The drive down was good, I am happy that it is over. No action for me, although Heather set up plenty of opportunities for me. I don't want to be a kiss em and leave em type of girl though.

I have an interview with Gold's on Friday at 11:50. A real honest to goodness interview, face to face, for a real position. Working at the tennis club. I hope that I can meet a cute instructor or something. That would definitely make this job worth it.

I moved into my apartment yesterday, my computer is on the coffee table in the living room and I love it here. I love sitting on the ground like this. When I have to move my computer into my room I think I am going ot set it up on the floor.

Today I got a call from King Henry and they told me that I was getting a roomate for a few weeks. She is from Germany, her name is Francis, she is studying at Paul Mitchell, and she is the cutest little thing. She just got here after a 4 day journey, and I didnt get to meet her for very long but she seemed really nice, and it wont be so bad having someone here with me. In fact she is lseeping at her parents hotel right now so I kind of get the place to myself anyways.

Miss America is apparently getting rid of the live talent competition during their pageant. I just love that. It is so utterly superficial that I can't help but laugh.

Can you escape the Crimson Room? I couldnt.

Because of the long absence I am bringing you an awesome blog.

Blog of the Day-Things that make you go hmm...
Run by- Grace
Subject-Random and sporadic posts that always make me laugh.
Tagline-Well I had this little thing in my diary that I try to do every week called 'Things That Make you go Hmmm'. It was a little tibit at the end of an entry about something strange or funny that tweaked my interest during the week. Things like a three legged rabbit or words like prostitot. I finally decided that it needed its own space. So here it is
Favorite Entry-April 23rd. Read fast food nation. Fast food kills.

Website of the Day-IC3d Pants.
Design your own custom pants and jeans. Enough said.

Just got back from the Saffords and its close to 3 in the morning, so its time for me to call it quits. I would like to mention though how much I love having a home away from home with them. And how much I really still like Tay.

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