Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Moving out and the dead bird

So to start off, there is a dead bird sitting next to me right now, and I am feeling slightly queasy just typing about it. Seriously, this is like a real dead bird. I got up the nerve to touch it and it feels very real, and it has like no eyes or mouth or something. Do not ask me why my boss feels it is necessary to keep dead animals behind the desk. There has to be some health code violating going on here. I took a picture of it and I will post it when I get home so that you can all share in my disgust. Also I am watching "The Lost World" on TNT, bad move, don't watch this show. I switched to some cartoons instead, I am sure that the people working out are loving that.

Still have sore calves, and I just look so cute limping around everywhere. Looked at the bird again on accident, not sure how much longer I can take this. The gym has been empty for at least an hour and I like it that way.

I just weighed myself and it is official, I really did lose 5 lbs. After 1 month of logging and counting calories and exercising like a mad woman I would say that it is about time. *Victory Dance*

Now to the real reason for my post today. I have been reading caliblog and I am beginning to sympathize with them on the trouble that it takes to move. Not that I can identify with them at all, basically after reading their posts I realize that I am a very spoiled girl. But I will try and look past that as I try to sort throughmy feelings and figure out what I want to do at the end of this month. I am so ready to be out of the house, throughout this entire summer I spent a total of 15 days out of the house I think. (Not counting being at work or at church)
I was so excited to get invited to Lake Powell with the Saffords and Megan from the 25th of July to the 29th, but it has to fall on like the worst weekend of all time. The 23rd is my cousin Jared's wedding reception, which is being held at our house, and the 24th is the Andersen Family Reunion, beind held in Seattle at a Mariners game. My parents want me to stay, more for the reception than the reunion, and I can understand why. I want to support my cousin, but I highly doubt that he is even going to remember that I wasnt there a year from now. The reunion is a whole other story, of course I would rather go play with a bunch of college age kids on a houseboat on Lake Powell than go to the Family Reunion (said with much irony). The problem is that I know my mom is having a really hard time letting me go in the first place, odds are that I won't be moving back home again any time soon. So I have come to a decision, not my top choice but one that I think will strike a truce between my parents and I, and still get me out of the house within the 3 weeks, 3 weeks from today to be exact. I will skip Lake Powell, leave on Tuesday the 27th, stay a day or two with Heather, and get to Provo about the same time that Meg's gets home to Provo. That is the plan and I feel a little depressed about what I feel is really the only good option, but its my mom's birthday today and I know that this will make her happy. The 27th of July I am gone, and Royal City will not be seeing me again for a long time.

I am going to start giving apartment complexes a call and see what kind of plan I can work out. It sucks that I have to move in and move out within a month of each other, but thats how things go I guess and I am going to be so happy once I finally get there.

I am happy right now, I am eating Yoplait Very Vanilla Yogurt, always my favorite. Yum.

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