Friday, July 09, 2004

18 days and I am gone

Check out the peculiar posting of the day, about a man trying to win a woman over who unluckily gets stuck naked underneath the gate outside her house. It really is true that the truth is stranger than fiction.
Speaking of strange, the guy who freaks me out at the gym is howling like a wolf again.

This morning I read an article in the NY Times about the street art and bombing that is going on in New York (as well as around the world). I watched the documentary Style Wars in class last semester, and there are still two things that I still don't understand. The reasons that people use to justify their vandalism are puzzling. One artist (who is 34 years old by the way, I cant help but think that he could find better things to do with his time by the time he is 34) states that he wants to "reawaken a sense of wonder about one's environment". I am guessing that he is trying to make some kind of political statement about the relentless pace of the society that we live in, but I cant understand why he thinks that crime is the only way to showcase his beliefs about the subject. If all he wants is to make a statement, I am sure that he can find some crazy non-profit organization to join. The other thing that I don't understand is the number of rich people who, may it be unintentionally, support this. In Syle Wars we are taken through an art gallery full of paintings done by commisioned vandalists, and the NY Times article quotes that chalk drawings on black subway-advertisement placeholders can command thousands of dollars at upscale art auctions. Maybe that is something that I should start practicing in good old Moses Hole; after I deface a few hundred buildings I might become well known enough to make a few dollars off of my crimes.

In other news, people around the U.S. have taken the Rock the Vote idea and ran with it, offering everything from bikini waxes to stripper parties to those who register. Yep sign up to vote now, get a lap dance sometime later this fall. No word on how succesful this venture has been yet.

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